Laser Cut Screen

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Laser cut panels feature in exterior facades to complement external cladding and can be used from refurbishment projects and also for decorative art installations and landscape architechture.

The screen can be tailor-made of material mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium based on client’s preferences.  The size of screen can be customized to 6000mm or larger than that.


We provide the laser cut screens to complement the external wall as decorative art pieces.

The screens are suitable for indoor and also outdoor


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Our exclusive designs feature in commercial environments

Exhibition Hall






Financial Building

Luxury Residences




Stainless Steel

Primarily used for interior exeterior with naturally easily coating with color.

Grade includes: SUS304


Naturally silver aluminium color and powder

Grade includes: Electro-galvanised (EG) and and SUS316

Mild Steel

Steel finishing can be coated or matt color

Grade includes: Cold Roll(CR), Galvanised Sheet (GI)

Surface Treatment

Powder Coating

Surface preparation such as sandblasting, polishing, chemical cleaning is carried out to remove grease oil and dirt.

Pretreating the workpiece with chemical compounds can enhance the coating’s performance, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Nano Titanium Coating

We offer more than 20 colors to meet the architectural aspects.

With Nano Titanium, we are able to ensure a very consistent and evenly coated finishing to products, and deliver the appearance that our clients desire.

Finish colors available such as gold, rose gold, champagne, bronze, rose red, copper, silver, black etc.

Screen Application

Privacy Screen

Decorative Gate


Art Portraits

Cladding Wall


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